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    August 2016

  • Server Upgrades add new features!


    We have completed some upgrades to the server. These upgrades include the typical bugfixes and security updates.

    But were excited to now offer php7!

    Now each site/add-on/subdomain can run either php5.5, php5.6 or php7 independently! In addition, each can have its own php.ini which is easily configurable within cpanel!

    Php7 - a revolution in the way we deliver applications that power everything from websites and mobile to enterprises and the cloud. This is the most important change for PHP since the release of PHP 5 in 2004, bringing explosive performance improvements, drastically reduced memory consumption, and a host of brand-new language features to make your apps soar. Thanks to the new Zend Engine 3.0, your apps see up to 2x faster performance and 50% better memory consumption than PHP 5.6, allowing you to serve more concurrent users without adding any hardware. Designed and refactored for today’s workloads, PHP 7 is the ultimate choice for web developers today.

    • July 2015

    • New! We've Added Version Control

      You can now host your own version control repositories using git and/or subversion!

      Version control creates the ability to manage changes of an application. Versioning files is a tremendous asset, especially when you have multiple developers working on a single project, because it allows collaboration and sharing easily. Without version control, developers will eventually "step on each other’s toes", so to speak, and may overwrite each other's code without even realizing it. Using these version control systems allows one to observe the modifications, and quickly update changes made by another developer. Sometimes there are conflicts, but you will be alerted and allowed to merge them like a champ!

      Git and Subversion are two of the more popular version control systems today and will be around for a while to come.

    • Apache Server Now 2.4

      Our apache web server has been upgraded to version 2.4.

      Numerous enhancements make Apache HTTP Server v2.4 ideally suited for Cloud environments. They include:
      •    Improved performance (lower resource utilization and better concurrency)
      •    Reduced memory usage
      •    Asyncronous I/O support
      •    Dynamic reverse proxy configuration
      •    Performance on par, or better, than pure event-driven Web servers
      •    More granular timeout and rate/resource limiting capability
      •    More finely-tuned caching support, tailored for high traffic servers and proxies.

      Additional features include easier problem analysis, improved configuration flexibility, more powerful authentication and authorization, and documentation overhaul. For the complete feature list, please see

      • March 2015

      • Upgraded RAM

        We have upgraded the server ram capacity without any incident. Everyone should 'feel' the effects immediately.

        • October 2013

        • Backup Schedule Adjustments

          We have monitored our backups and now have implemented a bi-weekly backup schedule in addition to a 2 day retention to the daily backups. Daily backups have become too much data to store at our current capacity. We will continue to monitor this new backup scheme and determine if future tweaks to the schedule need to be made. 

          • July 2013

          • New System Backups Daily!

            Previously we were limited to only weekly backups of client sites and data. This could have been detrimental to those who didn't have their own site back-up procedures in place. Now, we are including daily backups to all new and existing clients. This will help in any event where clients request for data to be restored.

            • March 2013

            • Hardware Upgrades to the Server are Complete

              We have completed the hardware upgrades on the server. We added more memory and more hard disk space to better accommodate our customers.

              • December 2012

              • Titan - The Fastest Supercomputer in the World

                The official list of the world's top 500 supercomputers was released, once again crowning a U.S.-based installation as the world's fastest. Titan beat the previous supercomputer, the IBM Sequoia, in November.

                Sequoia clocks in at around 16.32 petaflops per second. Titan clocks a 17.59 petaflops per second. Titan uses only 560,640 processors, which is actually less than the 1,572,864 cores that powers Sequoia.

                Titan was turned on this past October at the US Deptartment of Energy's Oak Ridge Lab in Tennessee.

                Coming in the third spot on the Top 500 list is the Fujitsu-built RIKEN supercomputer with 705,024 cores and 10.51 petaflops.Machines from IBM hold down the fourth and fifth spots, with the Mira 8.16 Petflop machine at the Argonne National Lab in the U.S. and the 4.14 Petaflop JUQUEEN machine in Germany.

                The Top 500 Supercomputer list also confirms the dominance of Linux in the HPC space. 469 out of 500 machines on the list are currently powered by Linux.

                • October 2012

                • Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal” Released

                  Junmping straght to the server version, Ubuntu 12.10 offers two new huge improvements: OpenStack and Juju.

                  OpenStack allows users to create "provate clouds" out of Ubuntu Servers without the costs of outside vendors and equipment. For example, OpenStack can tie together a bunch of Ubuntu servers and make them function as a single multi-petabyte chunk of block storage, using the Ceph distributed storage technology included in OpenStack. Also, OpenStack can take a number of Ubuntu servers and divide them up into different could computing machines. Read more on OpenStack here.

                  Imaging doing an "apt-get" for services and how easy that would make many setups. That's exactly what Juju is. It takes the pain out of installing applications. For example, if you want ot install a self-hosted Wordpress, Juju would help simplify this. The setup and configuration is handled for you, making it simple and nearly effortless.

                  This isn't the first relased featuring these two technologies, but it is the first time they have been so tightly tied to one another and the strategy for Ubuntu.

                  Read more

                  • July 2012

                  • Now Bigger, Faster, Better!

                    We are happy to relay that our upgrades to our server went smoothly and without many hiccups. Our new services include cpanel, auto-provisioning orders, and a new customer service ticketing system, plus many, many more cool features like SiteBuilder: a click-to-create website designer. Now our customers can have a professional looking site with just a few clicks. Overall these changes were necessary as we have outgrown our last server's offerings. We look forward to growing more, one customer at a time.

                    To show our appreciation, we are giving our existing customers 10% off for a year. Also, all new orders are eligible for this too.
                    Use coupon code: mpowerME2
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