Our Hosting

  • Free Control Panel

    Running Your Website With Ease Using cPanel

    cPanel is the #1 control panel used on the web. It provides easy access to the most common tasks.

    Communication is very important. cPanel makes it easy to manage multiple email users, block unwanted spam, setup auto-replies and filters.
    Managing a site's security can be a daunting task. cPanel provides tools to help limit the possibility of attacks. For example, IP Deny manager, password protect directories, HotLink protection and more.
    File Management
    Managing files on a domain can be a hassle. With cPanel you can connect via FTP, FTPS & even SFTP. Or, you can quickly open the easy-to-use browser-based file explorer; where you can upload, delete, copy, move and even edit files directly within your browser.
    Domain Management
    Add, remove and manage domains, sub-domains and redirects easily using cPanel with only a few clicks.
    Database Management
    Create, edit and delete databases directly within cPanel. Also included is the popular phpMyAdmin; where you can view and change the data directly in your databases.
  • Security

    While there are many ways of hacking a site, the hackers tend to use the easiest path before going for advanced attacks. By understanding these methods used by the attackers, it allows us to prevent many possibilities of attack against the server. We apply security updates daily, constantly scan for malicious and/or unusual running code.

  • Backups

    Rarely a site owner may update or change their site that brings it all down. Whether it was a faulty CMS update (not uncommon) or a malicious site owner's user deliberately deleting files and/or databases (uncommon). But don't worry...

    Our backups are created nightly. We backup your entire site including databases and emails. They take only minutes to restore to keep your sites up and running. We do not hold onto backups indefinitely and are purged generally after 30 days.