Our Hosting

Fully or Self Managed

Choose whether to self-manage, or have us manage it. We regularly upgrade services and applications, and apply security patches to keep your site up. Expand memory, add disk space or install new packages.


While there are many ways of hacking a site, the hackers tend to use the easiest path before going for advanced attacks. By understanding these methods used by the attackers, it allows us to prevent many possibilities of attack against the server. We apply security updates daily, constantly scan for malicious and/or unusual running code.


Rarely a site owner may update or change their site that brings it all down. Whether it was a faulty CMS update (not uncommon) or site owner's new and untested code, it still means downtime. But don't worry...

If enabled, backups are created weekly. We backup your entire site including databases and emails. They take only minutes to restore to keep your sites up and running.