• Rohl For Congress

    Wanda Rohl, a 2012 U.S. Congressional Candidate for the 16th District of Illinois. A donation platform, email marketing, social media integrations, image galleries, blogging platform and event-management were paramount for the success of the site.

  • Ironpaw Fabrication

    This welding company needed a site that included a simple, clean information page, contact page, with a self-managed showcase gallery. The main business logo was designed in-house.

  • Rockford AA

    An A.A. site for Winnebago County, Illinois. A very clear home page with layout provided. For a successful site, features such as a Literature upload distribution mechanism, an events calendar, and coordinated chapter meetings were required.

  • Moovies!

    This playful movie rating site required fun and bold colors with the ability to add new titles by name, with data being retrieved from imdb asynchronously. Users had the ability to browse by actor, director, genre, or search for specific movies. In addition, users could rate movies with up to 5 "Moo-s".

  • Occupy Rockford

    This social awareness group required a site that comprised of an event-management system, forums, donation platform and social media integration, and a blogging platform.

  • The Liberal Lunch

    A political blog that required a user-polling mechanism, forum discussion, and a blogging-platform.

  • Pickplucker (version 1)

    A fun office-pool style football pick-em site. Head-to-head scheduling, and automatic scoring updates were required.

  • Pickplucker (version 2)

    A update to the first version. The update included a fresh, cleaner look. Also, custom-private league option, live-scoring results, and the inclusion of other major sports such as baseball, basketball, and hockey.

  • Game Collections (ps3/wii/xbox)

    A user driven game rating site. The site included the following gaming consoles: Wii, PS3, and XBox 360.